Terms of Use

You can easily select and download applications of the MiraCad software package in the COMPLEX SOLUTION section. In this case, all the functionality of the programs will be available to the user for 30 days of the trial period. On the expiration of this period, part of the functionality of the programs is blocked. In order to restore the functionality of the desired functionality, the user must purchase a license.

Purchasing license

Purchasing MiraCad solutions is possible by subscription. To do this, you must select the Purchase option on this page and pay. Upon completion of the purchasing procedure, the user is provided with a license activation key for a period of 1 year. Upon expiration of the license, it will be necessary to renew it, having to pay again to get a new key.

Purchase options

Special offers

* - SINGLE option involves the purchase of independent licenses with an independent term;

** - SINGLE option involves the purchase of common licenses with a general term for the entire applications package.

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